• FAQ's for Tenants

  • Answers to questions Tenants ask the most

    What is your application process?
    Our process is simple and straightforward. Please visit our Tenants Page for complete details.

    How is maintenance handled?
    Regular maintenance is submitted via our website or your Tenant Portal. You can request service 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Emergency service can be requested via our 24 hour emergency line.

    Can I have a pet?
    Although we have standard pet policies that apply to all properties, it is up to the individual Owner whether they will allow pets. So, although most properties do allow a pet, there are some where none are allowed. Pet friendly properties are listed on our website. If you are not sure just give us a call. You can view our pet policies at our Website on the Tenants Page.

    If I need to break my lease what are my responsibilities?
    Your responsibilities are clearly listed on the lease itself. In general a fee will be charged to break our lease equal to 1 ½ month’s rent. Members of the Military are exempt and are not charged any fees to break their lease.

    When do I get my deposit back?
    By statute we are required to refund any funds to you no later than 31 days after your move out date. But we always attempt to get your funds to you much sooner. Typically within 15 days.

    Can I paint or make modifications to the property?
    Yes you can, but only with written permission. The Owner may deny certain modifications, or require that you return the property to its original status when you move out. But modifications are not automatically denied and are taken on a case by case basis.

    Can I purchase the property I am renting?
    Possibly. This is up to the Owner, but often an Owner will consider selling the property if the Tenant is interested.

    How long are your leases?
    Our standard lease term is 12 months, but some Owners will accept shorter terms. Please contact us to see if a shorter term lease is available on the property you are interested in.